Roast Green Road Depot

By: Andrew Smith

Gauge/Scale: "O-16.5/ O9" narrow gauge - 7mm/ft scale

Layout Size: 2m x 0.6m

See Andrew's website for further details,

Roast Green is a small hamlet north of Essex on the Cambridgeshire Border. The area is very rural agricultural land and as such large farms are quite the norm in this part of East Anglia. This particular Farm has a small narrow gauge railway to move the produce from the fields to the Farm and beyond. As the farmer likes to maintain his own railway 'in house' he has a Depot on the road from Clavering, to Roast Green and has the name Roast Green Road. This is where the rolling stock can be serviced and maintained. Around the Depot there is an even smaller narrow gauge railway that moves heavy items around the maintenance depot. The Turntable forms one end of the loop that is used to turn the trains around. All the buildings are scratch built and the rolling stock is a mixture of kit and scratch built. All of it to a scale of 7mm/foot (O Gauge) and the track and rolling stock is a mixture of narrow Gauge O-16.5mm and O-9mm.