Maldon Market Hill

By: Andrew Smith

Gauge/Scale: "EM" 18.2mm gauge

Layout Size: 1.7m x 0.3m

See Andrew's website for further details,

Details of the Dengie Peninsula and South East Essex Light Railway station at Maldon (Market Hill)

Maldon Market Hill station is a small EM Gauge (18.2) layout.

The layout is approximately 1.70 metres long X 0.30 metres wide, although it would be best to allow a footprint of 2mts X 1.3 mts for safety and ease of movement for the operators. The viewing area is presented in the form of a small working diorama and this is 1.20 metres, the viewer has to look around the edges to see the whole area. It will need two operators to work the layout and only one car is required to transport the layout.

The layout is self supporting and stands on its own trestles and has it own lights, a stock table can be supplied. An electric socket will be required to power the layout and lights. A black fire retardant cloth is used to cover the exposed area between the bottom of the layout and the floor.

1950's Market Hill, Maldon
Due to the prosperity after rationing was eased during the mid-1950's Market Hill station has been rebuilt with a new trackplan that has allowed longer trains and more trains to make use of the station and is now known as Market Hill, Maldon. The pilot loco now has its own siding and does not have to stay in the open air when its not working as it can shelter under the 'rebuilt' overbridge............. So is the premise of building a new layout with a revised trackplan that is roughly the same size as the original. This new build is 2mts long and now 00 finescale track (code 75) and is contolled by DCC........... just in case we run the occasional sound equipped Loco....................Picture of the new Market Hill, Maldon.

As interest in the EM Gauge Maldon Market Hill on the Exhibition 'Circuit' seemed to be dropping, I drew a new and more complicated track plan. I have built the new version and now I have two layouts with the same name as I did not want to dispose of the old EM Gauge version. The background and surrounding area of both layouts is the same. The original has been exhibited in its current form since 1998 (1996 not complete) and the new OO version has been exhibited since june 2016.