By: Robin French

Gauge/Scale: "N" Gauge

layout Size: 5ft x 3ft

'Engaine-cum-Hardy' was featured in the Sept. and Oct. 2013 editions of 'Railway Modeller' showing just what can be modelled on a table-top.

'Engaine' has a four-road mainline station able to receive two seven-coach trains simultaneously on the "up" and "down" lines (Platforms '2' & '3') whilst branch line trains terminate in (Bay) Platform '1' or (connecting ones) use Platform '4' on the far side of the station.

There is also a four-road Loco Shed with a working Turntable & Coaling Tower to turn, service & coal locos ready for their next turn of duty. The Yard also has a Breakdown Crane & Snowplough for emergencies, The Industrial Area has a Goods Yard, Coal Yard and a private local Brewery siding with a wagon turntable that also works to increase the Brewery's unloading capacity.