Deyton Heights

By: Andrew Ambrose

Gauge/Scale: "HO" gauge

Layout Size: 4ft 2in x 1ft 7in


This is an HO dark, gloomy and atmospheric American themed switching yard 50 inches X 19 inches (1300mm X 500mm).  The whole area is over due for redevelopment. This is a yard that's been made from the old Interurban Tramways that have since been abandoned. The main feature of this is the 'Works' building in the foreground. All manner of goods and articles are shipped into and out of this building in boxcars and other trucks by the railroad. In the background there is a Commissary Building that's used for the unloading and restocking of dining cars and baggage cars for the big overland express passenger routes. The tight confines of the yard are at a low level to the overhead main lines that criss-cross the yard. The time period is from the mid 1940's to early 1950's. The whole area of the layout is a rundown industrial side of town near to a large station.