Bewsie Light Railway

By: Paul Bentall

Gauge/Scale: "O-16.5" narrow gauge - 7mm/ft scale

Layout Size: 8ft x 8ft

The layout is my idea of an English narrow gauge railway built in the early 1900's. The location is somewhere between East Anglia and Wales with a bit of the Lake District thrown in for good measure. You are seeing the railway as it was in the late 30's to early 40's The railway was built by the Bewsie Brewery Company for the transport of hops, malt and coal into the brewery and both bottled and cask fine ales from the brewery, with the line connecting to both the nearest canal and standard gauge railway. Competition from road transport could have spelt the end for the railway but being civic minded the brewery owners presented it to the good people of the town of Bewsie. Soon the railway had been extended to the market town of Tipsie, a few miles away and beyond to the local quarry from which the railway was contracted to convey gravel to the canal wharf.