Rolvenden 'War and Peace'

Gauge/Scale: "OO" 4mm/foot scale 16.5mm gauge

Layout Size: 16ft x 2ft 6in


This layout is a faithful representation of the Rolvenden 840ft. station yard on the Kent and East Sussex Railway, as it was in the 1940s, covering both wartime and peacetime rail traffic.The buildings with the exception of the oast house (which is a repainted Hornby Skaledale), are scratch-built using photographs and plans from various reference books.  The cottage  is a replica of Colonel Stephen?s Staff Cottage which was at Rolvenden and has been renovated and now at Northiam Station.

A hop field has been included as this was a major feature of the area, together with typical hop-pickers hut and gypsy caravan .   Ground cover is a mixture of 'Woodland Scenics' and real ash & dirt to add to the authenticity.