That Dam Railway

Gauge/Scale: "OO9" (Narrow Gauge "OO") 4mm/foot scale 9mm gauge

Layout size: 9ft x 6ft


This layout seems to have acquired the name "That Dam Railway" by the rest of the club members. It is placed somewhere in Wales around the turn of the last century (1880's to 1920's), when dam building in the Welsh valleys was at its peak for the provision of water supplies to the growing English cities of the Midlands and North West. You see the dam under construction using dressed stone for the outer layers and an infill of crushed stone and concrete.In front of the dam is the quarry and stone dressing yard while on the hill to the right is the stone crushing and cement mixing plant. Further down the valley is the workers village built by the company which consists of temporary buildings housing families, and single workers in dormitories. All of their physical and spiritual needs are catered for by the company as the dam site is some distance from the nearest town. The main line runs high up on the hillside so that it can be used after the valley has been flooded and the switch back is used to bring men and materials to and from the valley floor. The main line connects the works with an interchange to the standard gauge down the valley and continues to climb further up the valley to other dams that are under construction.