Haddon Bank

Gauge/Scale: "OO" 4mm/foot scale 16.5mm gauge

Layout Size: 17ft x 12ft


Haddon Bank is the Clubs most prestigious '00' layout. It was decided that there was a need for a large layout capable of allowing members to run express type loco's with realistic length trains, both passenger and goods. After some debate and changes along the way, Haddon bank evolved. Basically it is a continuous run layout with three sections, up and down main, incorporating a goods loop, and a branch line. A fair sized loco depot occupies centre stage. The era is about the late forties to early fifties, the location is somewhere in England, possibly central to eastern, though to accommodate members various interests trains from all regions may well be seen. There is no station on scene, but the station building can be seen at the end of the brick cutting on the right, with a residential area and associated water treatment works.Passing clockwise one passes from this area of habitation to one of vegetation past the loco depot over the canal and off scene through a cutting and tunnel.

Track work is both hand built and ready made fine scale. Apart from a few points in the fiddle yard all point work is hand built including the single slips and a switched crossing near the canal. The layout is named in memory of the late Alan Haddon who was one of the original members involved with the layout. He was particularly skilful in constructing three way points, examples of which may be seen in the fiddle yard.



Many thanks to Laurie Calvert for creating this video