Gauge/Layout: "N" gauge

Layout Size 12ft x 6ft


The location of Barling is fictitious as the stock which is owned by members covers all regions and areas. The period is around the late 40?s or early 50?s when a mixture of pre and post nationalization could legitimately be seen. It has been constructed with two aims in mind, to allow several members to run their stock simultaneously on club nights, and when on exhibition to endeavour to have something moving at all times.

The idea of BARLING was first conceived in about 1994 as a replacement for the then current Club 'N' gauge layout. At the time space was very restricted in the clubs premises, so it was decided to produce a layout with the operators inside the layout footprint. This was built and exhibited from about 1996 to around 2001.

It was then sold to a club member who installed it in his loft and continued to operate it until his death in 2014. His relatives having no further interest in it, offered it back to the club and it was reinstalled in our new clubrooms in 2015 and has since been extensively re-furbished.

The layout is operated from the middle.

It is viewable on 1,2 or 3 sides so that the maximum space required is 16ft by 6ft.

A main and suburban line runs in each direction and a goods loop which can be run either way. The interchange station of Barling allows passengers to change from the main to the suburban line which also serves the village of Rushley. They can also catch the shuttle (which is automatic), and runs along the front of the layout between Barling and a nearby market town which is offscene. The goods and loco depots are controlled separately so that shunting these areas can take place independently. The fiddle yard situated at the rear can accommodate at least 10 trains.